Swaminarayan sampraday is about The Original Swaminarayan Sampraday consist of Vadtal and Ahmedabd gadi as established by Lord Swaminarayan Him-Self. The website contains Shree Swaminarayan darshan, names of both gadi acharya, uniqueness of Swaminarayan Sampraday.

  • swaminarayan sampraday history

    Swaminarayan Sampraday (Devnagari: स्वामीनारायण सम्प्रदाय, Gujarati: સ્વમિનારાયણ સમ્પ્રદય,IAST: Svāmīnārāyaṇa sampradāya), known previously as the Uddhav Sampraday, is a Hindusect established by Swaminarayan (or Sahajanand Swami) (April 2, 1781 – June 1, 1830). Swaminarayan was handed the leadership of the Uddhav Sampraday by his guru, Ramanand Swami, to continue to propagate the teachings and philosophy of Vishishtadvaita, which originates from the Sri swaminarayan Sampradaya. Under the leadership of Swaminarayan, the movement gained strength and at the time of his death, there were 1.8 million followers ...

  • Shri Harikrishna Maharaj Vadtal

    Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Vadtal headquarters of the Shri LaxmiNarayan Dev Gadi are located in this temple in Vadtal. There are three main shrines in the temple the central shirne of this temple is that of Lakshmi Narayan. On the right there is an image of Radha Krishna with Swaminarayan in the form of Hari Krishna and the left has Vasudev, Dharma and Bhakti. The wooden pillars of the temple bear colourful wood carvings. There is a dharamsala within the temple premises. Gnanbaug is a garden to the northwest of the temple gate that has four memorials dedicated to Swaminarayan. shri swaminarayan sampraday his very nice and this word is allmost people his swaminarayan sampraday. Satsang in Detroit began after His Holiness 1008 Shri Tejendraprasadji Maharaj’s inaugural visit to the USA in 1978. After many years of effort, the satsangi’s of Detroit established a magnificent home for Shri Harikrishna Maharaj. Mauris elit. Donec neque. ...

  • Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Memnagar, Ahmedada

    Imparting knowledge is the greatest charity. Because of high infaltion in these days. many poor children are not fortunate enough to get it. The illiterate society can never make progress. With this intention Pujya Gurudev started the work of imparting education along with high learing and valu-based teaching at Ahmedabad before 40 years ago. Nearly 250 students belonging to rural area are getting the contemporary education along with values at reasonable amount of fee. The congregations which enhance the talent and aesthetic sense of students are organized here. The skills such as sports, elocation, dance etc are getting momentum under the guidance of saints. Apart from academic activities the spiritual movements are also conducted at large scale. The congregation of youth wing, women wing and children are arranged from time to time. The event related functions, spirual gatherings heighten the values of life.

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Important of " swaminarayan " maha-mantra

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Swaminarayan" Maha-Mantra'' in English but with meaning in Gujarati

Swaminarayan" Maha-Mantra''

Je Swaminarayan naam leshe, tena badha patak bali deshe;
chhe naam mara shruti ma anek, sarvopari aaj ganay ek - 1

Jo Swaminarayan ek vaar, rate bija naam ratya hajaar;
Japya thaki je fal thaay aenu, kari shake varnan kon tenu-2

Shadkhari mantra maha samartha, jethi thashe sidha samast arth;
Sukhi kare sankat sarve kape, ante vali Akshardhaam aape-3

Gayatrithi lakha guno vishesh, jane ja jeno mahima Mahesh;
Jya jya maha muktjano vasay, aa kaal ma to jap aej thaay-4

Jo antkale shravane sunay, papi gano te pan moksha jaay;
Te mantra thi bhut pishach bhage, te mantra thi to sadbudhi jage-5

Te mantra jena mukh thi japay, tena thaki to jam nashi jaay;
Shree Swaminarayan je kaheshe, bhave kubhave pan mukti leshe-6

Shadkharo chhe shatshastrasar, te to utare bhav sindhu paar;
Chhaye rutu ma divase nishaye, sarve kriya ma samaro sadaye-7

Pavitra dehe apavitra dehe, te naam nitye samarvu snehe;
Jale karine tan mal jaay, aa naam thi antar shudha thaay-8

Jene mahapaap karya anant, jene pidya brahman ghenu sant;
Te Swaminarayan naam leta, laji mare chhe mukh thi kaheta-9

Shree Swaminarayan naam saar, chhe paap ne te prajalav nar;
Papi ghanu antar hoy jenu, balya vina kem rahe ja tenu-10

Here is what "SWAMINARAYAN" Maha-Mantra can do to anyone who chants SWAMINARAYAN.

"Swaminarayan" means sarva vishva ma vyapi ne rahenara (He lives everywhere on this earth) and He is the Supreme God (among all 24 Bhagwans' Avtars) in the whole Universe.

24 Bhagwans' Avtars are as following:
Reference: "Bhakta-Chintamani", verse 128, 11-15.
1. Sankadik, 2. Varah, 3. Yagna, 4. Haygreev, 5. Nar-Narayan, 6. Kapil, 7. Dattatrey, 8. Rushabh, 9. Pruthu, 10. Machchha, 11. Kachchha, 12. Dhanvantari, 13. Hari, 14. Nrusiha, 15. Vaman, 16. Hansa, 17. Narayan, 18. Manvantar, 19. Parshuram, 20. Ram, 21. Vyas, 22. Shree Krishna, 23. Budha, 24. Kalki 

Anyone who says "Swaminarayan", his sins will be forgiven by Supreme Lord Shree Swaminarayan. There are many names of God but this is an Unique name of all.
If someone says "Swaminarayan" just once, it is equivalent to 1000 names of other names of God. It gives an unexplainable good result fal.
This Maha-Mantra makes you happy and eliminates any hardness of your life and at the end your of life, it gives you the Akshardham.
This Maha-Mantra will be chanted all over the world by Satsangis of Shree Swaminarayan and Maha Mukt loko.
If someone says "Swaminarayan" at the time that person is about to die, that person will achieve Moksha no matter how many sins he/she had committed during his/her life. This Maha-Mantra also gets rid-of fear of ghosts and gives you good sense (Sad-budhi).
By chanting "Swaminarayan", the Jamduts won't even come closer to you and this Maha-Mantra will give you mukti.
One should chant "Swaminarayan" all the time (day or night), no matter what you are working on and all 6 seasons of the year. This will enable to survive through the life of sansaar and enable to land your-self across the ocean of struggles.
This Maha-Mantra should be chanted by anyone- no matter whether you are pavitra or not and this will keep your mun (thinking power) clean.
This Maha-Mantra will give you Mukti even if you had made Brahmins to suffer or you had committed many sins or crimes.
It gets rid-of all sins or bad karma and other people gets jealous of this too.

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